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MyIPC Inform is providing its clients with a new and unique service in the Russian Federation. We offer our clients: confidential, independent, and objective business support and cost analysis of administrative-type expenses.

Business Support
Delta helps companies starting up in Russia by "putting keys in their hand". When you decide to locate your company in Russia, our professionals care about you and your business goals first, last, and always. We see to it that you will obtain all these services and contracts on the best possible terms and at the lowest possible costs. Our services will of course include the provision of office facilities, whether rented or owned. If you so wish, our team will help you in setting up your business in Russia. In planning and choosing services we will pay attention to your company's future plans, so that the services can be changed flexibly according to those plans. This will enable you to concentrate on your business while being fully aware that you have the best possible terms and contracts. We will search for and provide you with the best basic services at the lowest cost. MyIPC Inform network of services has been created with the client in mind, to help your business run as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Cost Analysis
Delta analyzes the cost spending trends of its clients, and identifies target areas for improving cost efficiencies. We assist our clients in the establishment of an effective cost control program with the use of informative cost reporting systems. Delta is capable of negotiating improved service packages on behalf of its clients. If necessary, we can place tenders in the marketplace and find alternative suppliers for the best contract terms available in the market.

When it's time to act, choose the right partner.

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